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"Lots of people attending and it's really great to meet so many people in the industry’"

Ross Sergeant, Head of Media and Touchpoints, Asahi Europe & International

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“So happy to be meeting people from all over the world’”

Karl Lillrud, eCommerce Expert & TEDx Speaker

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"I think this event is professional, engaging, and well-attended"

Louisa Nicholls – Retail & Digital Specialist, Former CCO Advisor and Speaker John Lewis and M&Co

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"The event has been insightful, knowledgeable, and there’s definitely a lot to learn - it's information that can be used across all segments of business"

Melissa Van Schalkwyk - Adobe Solution Account Executive, Adobe


“I wanted to mingle with people in the industry, which is really nice after the pandemic, and see what everyone is up to. It’s a good event, it’s a good mix of speakers and vendors”

Viktorija Kunctye-Johnson – Head of Retention, Oddbox t


“Today is all about talks, seminars, and learning from industry experts. I would say well run, and I would definitely come again.”

Timothy Newsome – Strategic Marketing & Planning Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

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"The whole day has been really eye-opening I think about the trends for next year"

Jonathan Carter-Chapman - Portfolio Marketing Director,  Northstar Travel Group

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"I come to this event to build connections in-person. I’ve met really interesting people, learnt about companies’ strategies and gained competitor insights"

Oriana Ascario - Client Development Manager, Sitel Group

"Great to have connections that are more visceral, great to be at an event like this’"

Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Founder, Fashion is Psychology

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“We want to keep up to date with trends and it’s a bit of both with partners. It’s good because it’s ecommerce and technology one as well”

Barry Kent – Ecommerce Director, Golden Tours

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”I come to this event to see what excellence looks like in the industry. What I’ve learnt Iis to bring more of my team to get to everything as it’s all so good!”

Adam Russell - COO, One Retail Group Ltd

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“I’m feeling excited coming to this event, the scale is bigger than I thought! It's inspiring, I’ve learnt about  new services and talked to people I didn’t know before, so doing very good networking”

Alice Lu - Business Planning & Sales Manager, JCB International

"We’ve been speaking with people on the stands, developed at least 5 good partnerships which could develop into something."

Jan Stefe, Managing Director – Eurosender

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"Exhibitions are good for our product and brand to raise awareness of us. We've been able to get lots of attention, so great lead generation for us"

Maisy Smithers - Business Development Representative, Attest

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  • You can't not be here, it's one of those places that if you work in software or work in ecommerce you have to be here
  • "The content, people and footfall has been amazing. Every single year it gets bigger and better."
  • The quality of the delegates have been excellent. You've got a lot of Manager and Director roles in attendance
  • "It's a buzzing event. It's the who's who in the retail industry"
    Oracle NetSuite
  • Seamless, very efficient, and the audience we're looking for. Perfect.
    Dubai Commercity
  • In terms of the footfall, it's by far the biggest business Show that we do
  • It's been really busy, all the conversations we have had are with people that are looking for solutions and have got problems to solve
  • We have had lots of really good conversations with relevant brands for us, there’s a lot of people attending, both our partners that we can just network with, but also our customers and prospects.
  • It's a much larger scale than what I was expecting, the atmosphere has been buzzing
    Hermes UK
  • We are super satisfied. We've been able to actually meet our customer and potential customers and the target group is spot on
    DS Smith ePack

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